Manyfolds is a Munich based technology startup developing an intelligent platform system for digital shipping packaging creation and on-demand packaging production. The startup was founded in 2018 by Frank Thomsen and Sebastian Gutmann.

There is approx. 50% air in each shipping packaging. Result: Too much environmentally harmful filling material, unnecessarily much delivery traffic in our cities and a high number of shipping goods damage due to inadequate goods protection.
The impact on the environment is huge.

Manyfolds addresses those challenges by offering an affordable and eco-friendly solution that creates size-optimized shipping packaging within an easy to use App.
The packaging itself is produced instantly through a copier-sized rental machine or can be ordered online through an external production service. Once the carton is folded, the individual shipping items are placed in recesses in the packaging inlay. The goods are thereby ideally protected during shipment to the inside and outside, with no need for additional filling material.

With this technology, excessive “air” (volume) in the packages is reduced by approximately 40%. The size optimization enables the reduction of delivery traffic in our cities and overall less packaging waste arises since no filling materials have to be used.