Forest Guard is a smart IOT sensor monitoring system for forestry, which detects illegal logging and wildfire. Forest Guard saves electricity by 12 times – it can operate up to 6 years with the same batteries. Also Forest Guard is 2 times more low-cost and has 2 times bigger visibility compared to other monitoring systems for forests.

We developed our own FFT algorithm and added small solar panels based on which the system is highly energy-efficient. We are placing sensors on trees; 25 sensors per every 100 hectare. The sensors give an emergency signal in case of illegal logging or wildfire. Why we are doing this? – To stop deforestation and climate change caused from that.

We remember the latest fires in California, Amazon, Africa, Lebanon and Australia. This is happening more and more often, affecting bigger territories. About 8.8 million acres were burned in the 2018 period in addition to 10 million in 2017. In the US only, from January 1 to June 10, 2019, there were 16,361 wildfires. The losses of the US from wildfires are up to USD 5.1 billion over the past 10 years. In Armenia, more than 150 thousand are being chopped annually. So Armenia looses 18 millions of tons of oxygen annually. Armenia’s land is 29,743 square km, and only its 10% are forests.
Forest Guard can slow down this deforestation rate with its low-cost and effective solution.