Ecodudu is a Kenyan waste-to-value company which recycles organic waste into natural fertilizer, while using black soldier fly (BSF) larvae to produce high-protein animal and fish feed. Ecodudu drives innovation by leveraging modern technologies such as data analytics and mobile applications to move towards a digital supply chain. Furthermore, Ecodudu has introduced a unique outgrower model that empowers smallholder farmers to recycle their own waste, produce organic fertilizer and generate additional income. Hereby, Ecodudu is scaling and decentralising its production and easing expansion throughout East Africa. With more than 18 years’ experience in the feed production industry, Ecodudu has perfected its operation, having a positive impact on every stage of the supply chain: From the collection and decomposition of waste, to the sustainable production of animal and fish feed, to providing market access as well as affordable and qualitative fertilizers to smallholder farmers. Ecodudu is the only 100% circular insect-protein producer in East Africa. To this day it has already produced over 130 tons of protein-based animal feed and organic fertilizers and will increase its outreach in the coming years.