ColdHubs Ltd. is a social enterprise that designs, installs, commissions and operates 100% solar-powered walk-in cold rooms branded as “ColdHubs”, in outdoor markets and farm clusters. The Hubs are used by smallholder farmers, retailers and wholesalers to store and preserve fresh fruits, vegetables and other perishable foods 24/7, extending their shelf life from 2 days to 21 days.

ColdHubs have installed and is presently operating 24 Hubs at key markets, produces aggregation centers and farm clusters within the north and southern regions of Nigeria. These 24 ColdHubs are used by 3,517 smallholder farmers, retailers and wholesalers. 30 more ColdHubs are presently under construction across Nigeria, bringing the projected total number of Hubs to 54 by the end of 2020.

ColdHubs saved 20,400 tons of food from spoilage in 2019 for 3,517 farmers, retailers and wholesalers, using the 24 installed and operational Hubs.

It increased the household income of 3,517 small farmers, retailers and wholesalers from USD 60 per month to USD 120 per month by eliminating the previous 50% of food, which was unsold or thrown away, this 50% is now being stored and sold.

ColdHubs operates a pay-as-you-store model, renting out 20 kg returnable plastic crates (at USD 0.50) to farmers, retailers and wholesalers to store their produce inside the cold rooms each day.


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