CEEFOR offers Solar charger, a smart solution in the fields of renewable energy and electromobility that provides green energy for charging of e-vehicles. This innovation helps users, whether they are individuals, companies or institutions, reduce high emissions of CO2 in traffic by replacing fossil fuels with solar energy.

Our Solar charger consists of a specially designed carport. It is covered with photovoltaic modules and equipped with multi flow inverter and smart electric vehicle chargers. A special monitoring system provides management, acquisition and data processing. Smart meters measure the ratio of electricity that will be used for charging of e-vehicles. Through a central management system, we will connect all chargers to a platform which provides users with information and owners with monitoring of solar chargers. The system will provide maintenance and technical assistance to users through call center and it will control single charges.

CEEFOR designed special combination of the equipment and software as well as it designed modular carport specifically for the purpose of using solar panels on the roof top and on the top of the carport, whose size is extendible. So far, 4 solar chargers have already been installed at various locations in Serbia.