A new solution for an efficient CO2 capture directly from the open air

The carbon dioxide in our atmosphere traps heat and is changing the world’s climate. If the temperature continues to climb, scientists tell us that the results could be catastrophic.

Carbominer developed a new chemisorption technology for an efficient CO2 capture directly from the open air. The capturing device uses a new scrubber with a very low pressure drop. To keep the operational model of the scrubber within its optimal range microcontrollers and IoT sensors are widely used. The sensor data from the capturing devices fleet are sent to cloud and available for real-time monitoring.

We are going to sell the CO2 captured locally to greenhouses at an affordable price to boost plants’ growth and therefore increase the profitability of their business. Our value proposition is that we offer eco-friendly CO2, which is 2+ times cheaper than our customers pay now.