Waste is not only garbage in the streets or unwanted items in trash bins, but waste can also be an underutilized resource or an untapped opportunity.


Our call at BioEnergy, German-Egyptian Startup, is to increase the commercial value of wastes with our environment-friendly approach by developing innovative, creative and effective solutions.

Who we are?

For sustainability and modern industrialization, the innovation of renewable energy is vital. As a pioneer of this vision, Mahmoud Galal (Founder & CEO) started his business with the name of BioEnergy. BioEnergy converts waste into fuel, resulting in a sustainable energy source, Refuse-Derived-Fuel (RDF). Compared to fossil fuels, RDF is more affordable, abundant, and environmentally friendly.

To stimulate the circular economy, BioEnergy is utilizing its experience in the development, implementation, and maintenance of innovative and sustainable waste reduction, recycling services by embracing new and better ways to achieve improved results.