Beyond Leather Materials IVS is a Danish company based in Copenhagen. They develop and produce a vegan and eco-friendly alternative to animal leather based on a byproduct from juice and cider production. They basically turn apples into leather.

The founders are German and American and have finished their degrees in Sustainable Fashion and Economics. The company is 3 years old and came as an idea from one of their courses about biomimicry and material driven design.

Why apples? They want their B2B customers to be proud to have them as part of their supply chains. Their insight into the B2B Global Leather Supplier industry shows they all have one thing in common. Their end user demands a vegan, sustainable option.

The leather industry is one of the most hazardous process industries. It takes a massive amount of chemicals and resources to turn just 1 cow hide into leather.

Their material has all the unique qualities of animal leather, with none of the costs. Colors and textures beyond what’s possible in leather tanning today. Their production is free from toxic chemicals and plastic. The ingredients are vegan, biodegradable and not harmful to humans or the environment.

Their solution is patent pending as is their scaled industrial production. They have a philosophy of a responsible production, keeping transportation costs and environmental impact as low as possible.