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clim@ is a competition for innovative businesses or projects in the fields of sustainable energy or resource efficiency that have the power to change current practices through innovative approaches to financing, new business models or novel concepts to raise awareness and mobilise new target groups to take climate action.

innovative approaches to financing

that scale up climate action by providing access to finance for technologies that are new to a market, or which target new types of clients to increase access to green products and services.

new business models

that involve a novel approach to deliver green products or services, such as new sales channels, leveraging data and connectivity, or creating new markets for waste products.

novel awareness raising concepts

that aim to mobilise new target groups to take climate action, such as outreach campaigns, apps or websites, facilitating new partnerships, demonstrating the positive impacts of efficient resource management, or other approaches to shift behaviours and current practices towards sustainability.

who can apply?

Applications are open globally for any business or organisation that demonstrates a relevant track record with a business or project in the fields of sustainable energy or resource efficiency.


• established companies
• experienced start-ups
• non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
• universities or research institutes
• other relevant organisations


entries should have a connection to the following themes:

• renewable energy solutions
• energy efficiency/conservation
• sustainable use of resources: including improved water, waste and material management

For example, perhaps your project has a special financial scheme that helps to make green technologies affordable for retail consumers. Maybe your product helps others to optimise the way they use energy, or you found a way to market a waste product. Or maybe your team have created a mobile app to engage communities in recycling. The competition welcomes a wide range of entries, click below to see more examples. If you are unsure, you can also contact us to confirm.



launch of the competition

application deadline

selection of 15 applicants

selection of 3 finalists


grand final


The 15 most impressive applicants will be brought to Frankfurt to pitch their ideas and receive mentoring to further improve their concepts. These 15 finalists will:

  • participate in the pitching event, where 3 grand finalists will be selected

  • be mentored by qualified experts

  • attend the GGF Sustainable Future Forum in Frankfurt and network with senior stakeholders and investors in the climate and energy finance community

  • receive full sponsorship for accommodation and travel costs

In addition, 3 grand finalists will have the unique opportunity to present their entries at the GGF Sustainable Future Forum in Frankfurt in front of a high-profile audience of 200 international investors, financial institutions, advisors and climate action specialists to receive total EUR 30,000 in awards.

judging criteria


clim@ is searching for outstanding ideas that incorporate innovative aspects. Applications should demonstrate clear differentiation from existing and common practices to promote sustainable energy and resource efficiency.


clim@ is seeking solutions that demonstrate potential to drive positive changes in the way resources are used or produced, be this energy, water or materials.

business case

clim@ is looking for strong teams with the skills to deliver solutions that are viable in the long-term. Solutions should include a compelling plan for achieving an effective roll-out and market adoption/uptake.