thermal recycling of composites, s.l.


TRC is a spin-off of Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), dedicated to the development and exploitation of technologies for recycling waste composites.

TRC has developed R3FIBER, with the aim of allowing the integral recovery of fiber reinforced composites solving the global problem arising from the management of these materials (they are nowadays dump in landfills). The disruptive, highly energy-efficient, and clean technology is able to obtaining high quality glass and carbon fibres, fuels and energy. The recovered high-quality fibers can be re-used within the respective sectors of origin, thus contributing to circular economy and reducing the carbon emissions of fibers productors (a growing market of 2,5 billions of euros).

R3FIBER can manage the waste at a lower price, 30% cheaper, avoiding the dumping into landfills, and transforming this waste into products.On the other hand, TRC can provide composite companies, high quality fibers with a lower price than the commercial ones, at least 25% lower.

The use of this tech will save a high amount of CO2 to the atmosphere, avoiding the manufacturing of new fibers. In 5 years TRC tech will save 26 MTons of CO2 to the atmosphere.

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