Tagaddod is a waste to value startup. Currently focusing on collecting used cooking oil from Businesses and households via an innovative system, and then turns it to Biodiesel and other speciality products that are sold in Europe.

Tagaddod launched its products (Biodiesel and Refined used cooking oil) in June 2015, after getting certified from ISCC-EU (International sustainability Carbon Certificate), testing the market with small orders, then managing to grow our production from 10 tons per month to over 100 tons per month by early 2017. With the vision of building a reliable collection infrastructure, Tagaddod focused on building a user base of waste producers of both businesses and households, and building an operation that can serve them reliably, and incentivise them properly. In less than two years of operation, Tagaddod has over 8,000 clients who use the service.

The company aims to become Egypt’s leading waste-to-value company over the next five years, diversifying its product lines, investing in collection and processing infrastructure, and seizing international opportunities to expand. Tagaddod is ideally placed to explore significant untapped opportunities in Egypt, which it considers to be the most attractive waste-to-value market in the wider region.

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