solagro smart recycling llc.

Solagro Smart Recycling is a Smart City start-up, that focuses on creating new solutions for recycling available to everyone. Our goal is to help every individual, company and institution to contribute to a greener world by providing reliable and affordable recycling system that stimulates its users to recycle, by introducing the gamification of recycling.

Our smart recycling system is made out of smart aluminium can and PET bottle crushers and a mobile app. The system motivates its users to recycle through the process of gamification, by awarding them with valuable prizes through our mobile app. At the same time it saves time and money for the recycling companies by reducing recycling cost up to 30%.

Solagro operates in seven countries where it has more than 30 satisfied clients, some of which are the world’s biggest beverage brands.

So far, we participated in 10 music festival, recycled more than 200t of material and helped more than 3000 pupils to learn about recycling process.

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