resurs conect
by kb-walkoma llc

After 10 years in agriculture development, we finally got tired of mediocre trainings, and quick turnover project strategies that often led to high risk/ high consumptive agriculture practices.

We know from experience that sustainable projects address the underlying issues that are difficult to implement, and hard to share on social media. Farmers need support for sustainable agriculture over the generations and access to customized technical tools about their own natural resources.

ResursConect is a team of natural resource technicians using our custom web based platform which establishes a modern take on agriculture extension and conservation.

The web platform combines water resource engineering tools, GIS layers, and legal land resources to quickly query and print the resources that farmers need to make correct plans for farm development and water and soil management.

The ResursConect team of technicians will work with the farmer to bridge the digital-analog gap typical in agriculture and provide the farmer with a quick and cost effective printed portfolio of natural resource maps and technical data including calculations on water usage.

This is our goal.

→ More farmers developing farm conservation plans, → more farmers getting financial support, → more environmental conservations practices being implemented.

ResursConect is our solution to quickly get more farmers on this track.

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