NÜWIEL is a Hamburg based technology startup developing intelligent electric transportation solutions. The startup was founded in 2016 by Fahad Khan, Natalia Tomiyama and Sandro Rabbiosi.

Urban freight mobility contributes up to 21% CO2 emissions and 19% of energy use of all urban travels and causes more than 30% of other pollutants. This is not only significantly contributing to climate change but is also negatively affecting public health, as 70% of the cancerous and other dangerous substances are caused by traffic emissions.

NÜWIEL is addressing a need for safe and convenient sustainable mobility solution in last mile logistics. We developed an electric bicycle trailer with a safety brake system and patented technology, which enables instant synchronization between the trailer and a bike. In other words, the trailer automatically accelerates and brakes. That means that a cyclist doesn’t make any additional effort when cycling with the trailer, yet carries up to 150kg without noticing it. The NÜWIEL-trailer can be connected to any bicycle or electric bike. Disconnected from the bike the trailer can be used as an e-powered handcart inside the buildings and pedestrian areas.

NÜWIEL’s ultimate goal is to empower more logistics companies as well as private people to contribute a more resilient and sustainable future. Because even one NÜWIEL-trailer running 72km a day substitutes 6.300 km of the motor vehicle and saves up to 2.000 t of CO2 emissions per year.

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