mestic ®/ inspidere b.v.


Jalila Essaïdi, director of Inspidere B.V., developed a method and technology to transform cow manure directly into biomaterials: Mestic®. With Mestic® we completely deconstruct manure and utilize the obtained cellulose for new biomaterials. This revolutionary technology directly transforms manure into bioplastic, biotextile and biopaper. A circular solution that will not only solve the present cow manure problem, but will also provide a sustainable source of biomaterials to the manufacturing industry. Furthermore, by providing farmers with a revenue stream other than milk production, they will become less dependent on the scale of their agricultural business for a good income. This reduces the need to expand current agricultural operations which directly results again in a reduction of excess manure and increased animal welfare.

Currently, 44% of producing fiber is defined by its raw materials. Mestic® gets the raw materials for free, that enables us to produce at or below current market price. A 150 gram t-shirt produced with Mestic® reduces GWP by 1 kg CO2 eq.

Late 2015, Jalila Essaïdi was approached by the agricultural sector of Noord-Brabant to find a solution for the surplus cow manure that is being produced. She took the bull by the horns and developed Mestic®.

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