Hotel Energy Portal

Hotel Energy Portal

HEP (Hotel Energy Portal) is a unique online portal which helps hospitality groups streamline their utilities analytics and align all their energy and sustainability management initiatives for enhanced carbon footprint reductions.

HEP was built bottom to top with their operation in mind and focuses on four main axis:

  • Advanced Energy Analytics & Report Module – allowing in depth and granular daily and monthly analysis at Macro (Total consumption ) or Micro (Submetering levels) . It includes dashboards, more than 80 charts ,automatic alerts and reports dispatch. HEP is a data democratization tool across all layers of a Hotel property and the hospitality group.

  • Knowledgebase/Technical Library – providing a catalogue of Efficiency & sustainability Measures Actions across all the infrastructure and operations

  • Efficiency & Sustainability Projects Management Module – giving a clear tracking tool on every efficiency/sustainability action in every property.

  • An internal Forum – driving inter communication between all users on energy and utilities optimizations topics.

HEP makes usage of the existing infrastructure and practices of Hotels. In addition, an optional IoT Connector enabling Gateways to gather real time and historical data from any metering device or equipment of a property can be integrated to HEP.

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