The amount of plastic equal to the size of a whale is thrown away into the Global Ocean every minute. This plastic goes mostly from the usage of disposable goods: water bottles, plastic bags, and daily hygiene items are the main enemies of nature nowadays.

The product each of us uses twice a day is a toothbrush. Every day hotels and airlines throw away approximately 6 tons of plastic disposable toothbrushes.

Therefore, we thought about a huge human irresponsibility of using the disposable goods. And that’s how the idea of Effa was born. Effa fights all these problems. Effa is a disposable toothbrush made of paper and eco-clean materials, caring about nature. Effa is made for hotels, airlines, and prisons to replace the plastic analogs and make everyone care about the environment since the early morning and till late night. Effa is simple, stylish and clean. Be like Effa!

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