ckers finance

cKers Finance (pronounced ‘seekers’) is an innovative lending institution that develops new sustainable energy segments. The targeted fields include renewable energy mini and micro grids, solar devices, rooftop solar, waste to energy, energy efficiency and energy storage. cKers is supporting emerging business models with new financing mechanisms not easily available in the existing financial ecosystem.

For borrowers, cKers provides financial solutions aligned to cash-flows. It provides a range of innovative financial products: micro-project finance, micro-construction finance, warehousing for newer segments, etc. This allows niche segments scale up and create critical mass so that mainstream lenders and investors can come in. At the same time cKers is leveraging its demonstrated market expertise in these emerging segments in India to help borrowers for their range of capital needs by providing debt syndication, refinancing, off-balance sheet credit origination and fund management.

For investors, cKers provides a platform that blends different capital forms; allowing different investors to achieve their goals in sustainable energy segments.

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