Africa Green Tec

Africa GreenTec is developer, producer and seller of the Solartainer®, a mobile plug & play solar power plant including an energy storage to substitute diesel generators in rural areas of Africa. Our corporate entities manage electricity distribution for currently up to 4,000 people and offer financing solutions for rural villages within our core market in Mali.

It enables generation capacity and storage to grow according to local demand, optimising revenues and guaranteeing stable tariffs at the same time. Therefore, each Solartainer® can represent a profitable business model even on a very small scale for low initial demand.

The Solartainer® starts at 45 kWp solar power capacity and 60 kWh battery storage, which is enough power to supply 300 rural-standard-households of eight people and even multiple production machines for small businesses. Especially the latter is the most important driver of job creation, economic growth and for further increasing electricity demand, which cannot be achieved through small solar home systems.

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